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I feel like my body has finally succumbed to whatever is going around. For a while, Ryan was sick, George was sick, 3 of my coworkers caught something, and all the while I have been fighting strong. Now, I am sort of mucus-y in my throat and sniffly. Extra mucus = fighting something off. Argh. I am hoping the doses of vitamin C and Zinc in this multivitamin, as well as, vitamin water and fight this thing off.

I DO NOT want to get sick. Sigh.

but I feel pretty good. A friend of a friend works at Equinox and scored me a week and a half pass. I am hoping that when that is done, he can score me some sort of deal.

I was going to blog about this during the week, but I couldn’t find a free minute, believe it or not.

Now, I’ve been at Bally’s and Gold’s Gym, however Equinox is beautiful, especially the one at Wall st. The building was converted from an old bank with beautiful architecture and large windows. Mmm. AND it’s not crowded.

I’ve started going there at 8am-8:50am before work. Today I went all the way down there to enjoy a longer session and the steam room. Mmm. I could get hooked. Unfortunately, I doubt I can afford this at full price with a good conscience. However, going to the gym is making me feel a lot more productive. I don’t feel sleepy at work in the morning… I’m all warmed up. When I came home today, I made myself a salad and cut up an avocado, then I did my taxes.

I am such an anal dork. I was working up my return with TaxACT and TurboTax… trying to find out which method was more cost effective. In the end, I went with TurboTax, although they charge more for State returns, because TaxACT wasn’t 7.95 as advertised. And TurboTax got me more money… so the extra cost was balanced to around the same in the end.

Phew. At least I don’t owe any money this year. Now… I have to do my mother’s taxes…

I couldn’t sleep. It is 5am and I cannot sleep. I was just thinking, and of course this thinking leads to finances.

I have a job, but my finances are less than ideal. In short, I feel that I am living above my means when considering how much I am saving. Of course for the first few paychecks, I did splurge after having months of semi-good behavior.

I dislike living the high-life paycheck to paycheck. Also, working in the asset protection and building environment, I would eventually like to have some assets to invest.

I wasn’t cushy by any means before I quit my last job, but I did have the provisions for a few months of self-sufficiency, a few thousand squirreled away. However, I did do something awfully stupid and went on vacation during the summer.

Times like this, when I am up at almost the crack of dawn, I like to read livejournal debt blogs to experience a little bit of Schadenfreude. Of course, it isn’t all kittens and bubbles. I actually did not know how dangerous Student Loans can be when defaulted. Everyone seems to say, “student loans are better than any other loans,” but that isn’t the case. Mortgages, at least are not negative loans, but student loans when they are defaulted are scary creatures, perhaps just as scary as Credit Cards.

Anyway, I’ve started to use to track my student loans, credit cards, checking, savings, and stocks. After everything factored in, my net worth is in the negatives… ha ha ha… I will say that this is because of my lack of savings and my student loans. They actually track all my spending out of my checking and organizes them depending on the institution. You can set up budgets and see how much you actually spend on bars, food, shopping, and paying bills.

In other news, I don’t know my credit score. I have seen my report, but I CANNOT find a single source that offers it one time for free (unless I sign up for something with a credit card, which seems a bit counter intuitive). I think legally they are only required to show you your report and not your credit score, huh?

We all just crowded around someone’s monitor and watched the procession around 10am-1pm. I flittered between doing my work and looking over my co-worker’s shoulder.

I like the speech and I was wowed by how many people showed up. Another co-worker was somewhere there amongst the craziness… infecting people with her cold. How lovely. But really, it must have been amazing to be there in that moment.

I have been feeling good. Tired, but good. However, some time in the evening today, I realized that I’ve let these paranoid antisocial feelings crawl back up again. I think it’s the winter days and the fact that I don’t see the sun during the weekdays except for the small walk to and from the train station every morning. Otherwise, I get off around 6pm-7pm and it’s dark.

I remember now how much the daily drudge of the subway commuting and losing most of my day sucks. Of course the grass is always greener. Ideally I would be able to feel productive while still getting out at a decent hour around 4pm and 5pm. I think people need days like that during the winter.

Not like that is going to happen any time soon, though.

Surprisingly the iPhone is keep my spirits up. I wasn’t one to get attached to a phone (maybe a camera, but never a phone in the past), but I feel that I would completely feel handicapped if I was ever to lose it.

I was way too hung over post election to really post… then I got lost in a knitting project.

I spent the night at a local bar that a friend bartends at. It overlooks Times Square and the revelry that happened past 11pm was pretty unreal. All through the streets, on the subways, etc.., people were celebrating, clapping, and so very happy.

I got the spend the night with good friends, lots of drinks, and I made cupcakes.

Yay Obama!

Aaron Hayes says, “In recessions, philosophers are the first to go.”