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I would like to introduce you to our newest addition, here at His name is Dogbot.

Jane in my office told me that I need to give him a cute name, though. So I thought, why not “Destroyer of Worlds?” and Jane said, “DOW is a perfectly cute name.” But technically, he’s Ryan’s so… it’s probably Dogbot. Just sayin’

He likes crocheted bacon, chasing and collecting dust bunnies, and new friends (does not necessarily have to be made of yarn or stuffing). He’s the Chief Operations Officer around here.

Dogbot was made by myself using Nelly Pailloux‘s “Dogbot” pattern from her Crobots: 20 amigurumi robots to make book. It’s easy to use, even for the beginner. Dogbot was fairly easy to make for someone who hardly ever crochets (but I do knit).

He was made using wool medium weight scrap yarn and a 3.25 (not the 2.77 recommended) hook. He is stuffed with high quality toy-grade polyester and lots of love.

I hope to try to make one little guy a month. (Especially since I committed to making little handmade things for 3 of my facebook friends on a meme.)

The other day Lige was in town to start her MBA program in Philly. It was her birthday and I knitted her a little iphone condom. She just got one and she was excited. I knitted this in round quite easily.

While she was here, all sorts of high school people came out of the woodwork. I realized that high school was so far away that I’ve forgotten and lost the idea of what distinguished most people back then. I was told, “you haven’t changed at all…” It was in passing and I wondered whether that was a good or bad thing. I can only really think of one person who has changed quite drastically. Plastic surgery and everything. No comment.

I did notice, though, that on her birthday we were SO loud. It was a bit jarring and surprising. I had a revelation that I think I used to be much louder and, at times, obnoxious. I think, if anything, I’ve mellowed out quite a bit… More importantly, I’ve lost that ability to be unabashedly loud.

I also think that until a few years ago, I used to have a chip on my shoulder about high school. I was a bit bitter. I would be careful of who to see. It wasn’t for any particular reason. I think it was some twisted way to move on. I think after college, moving out, and paying your own way, those things fall by the side. For the first time I realize I don’t care and it was nice.

No one went to our five year high school reunion, really. I don’t think those are very interesting. However, now, being 10 years away from all that, I’m interested. I like meeting these people again. So, I might just consider going this time around…

This weekend, I was enjoying a new purchase that came… I ordered some headpieces off of Etsy by starzselection. The price is really affordable, especially considering that on Prince St. they sell regular feather headbands for $30-40. I’m addicted to Etsy. I bought some knitting patterns, also. Hrm.


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. My coworkers were pretty impressed, also. My inspiration was this post from Purl Bee, and I found the pattern here, on Disdressed.. I’m thinking about about knitting one for a friend’s baby.


At the union square market, there is a lamb table there that sells merino wool dyed in vegetable dye. The colors are varied and the yarn is very soft. For around $15 dollars a skein, it’s medium price and I like buying directly at the market near the merguez sausage. ; ) The dye job is hand done and varied in some places, which adds depth, texture, and charm. They have different weights, and for this project, I used worseted weight. They also have sports weights and undyed yarn.I decided to get a skein of autumn colored red. I ended up making the scarf a little too big and needed to go back to buy a second skein. Still, it’s floppy and quite versatile.


The only drawback is that the yarn in that color dyed my hands bright orange. It doesn’t happen with all of their dyes, though. Right now, I am using a green sports weight and that hasn’t stained anything. Anyway, given my carrot colored hands, when I finished the scarf, I washed it gently in detergent and in cold water. Although when I blocked, I pulled width wise and not length wise, the length around the neck became a bit long. I knitted it to be exact, so I might need to go and dunk it again in HOT water.

Otherwise, it’s soft, light, and stays in place (since the bow goes through a slot).

Next Project: Green leaves lariat & Art Card!

(Yes, the picture above is from my office webcam.)

I took progress photos intent on posting pre-finished product. However, I just never got off my ass to walk over to my laptop all of last week. Meh.

Here is the finished product!!

I got a beautiful skein of 100% mongolian cashmere yarn from Jade Sapphire. The color is called “Blueberries and Plum.” For the most part it is deep blue with shades of grayish blue and subtle purple flecks. It’s beautiful. I was looking for a fun brighter blue, but I absolutely fell in love with the yarn and color while knitting it up.

The ribbing is done in 100% Merino wool.

You see that mess there? I hate weaving in the ends. I finished the gloves and had to put them down for a day, because that unruly mess truly scared me.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY TEDIOUS… weaving ends in. I still have the other pair of that pink and yellow glove not weaved in or blocked. I am lazy.

Although it is under florescent light, you can see the variation in color there. The hand model is Sophea. It is very soft.

And yet, even as we speak and as it is in use, I have yet to block it. Eh.

So, I decided to try my hand at knitting gloves. I am TERRIBLE at guessing yarn type with project, picking needles, and using the pattern and doing a sample swatch of gauge. Needless to say that I made a fucking glove for a GIANT. Not that my boyfriend would wear a pink glove, but it was too large for him, also.

So I unraveled the whole thing and reknitted it to size.

I don’t know what made me choose those colors. And I don’t think it was a good idea going for two different textures. The question is, would I buy that? And the answer is no.

Now I am working on another project with beautiful 100% cashmere the color of “plum and blueberries,” from JadeSapphire. Hopefully, it will go better than these babies.

A friend of mine is doing an art card project, which I made a little murakami-esque flower for.

The flower, leaf piece and the border was crocheted. (the border has two layers of crochet on top) The stem and one leaf was stitched on. The whole thing is stitched onto to some thick paper. THe eyes and mouth were embroidered on.

I title it: “Life sucks in yarn, too.”