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I spent most of Sunday and a lot of tonight tweeking this site. This is very enjoyable and fun for me. (what a geek) However, it’s terrible for the reading and work I was suppose to do.

My philosophy reading on Nietzsche’s Geneology of Morals should have been done awhile ago. Also, I was having a brain fart and actually interacted/emailed the teacher several questions. This drove him to suggest that we explore one of them during class… god forbid that I participate. What was I thinking? Hopefully I don’t make too much of an ass out of myself. Errr… hopefully I can a sufficient amount of reading done to situate myself sufficiently.

These are stupid stupid things.

I’m currently doing this internship, where we are developing templates for the students at my school so that they can create dynamic websites that communicate with the server without risking the school servers. This is why I was scouting out “Content Management Systems” in php, in order to get familiar with the type of things we will be doing (read this as: attempting to do) during my internship.

Reopening this blog/journal was something that happened because of this testing of content management systems. I basically saw wordpress and saw something that was perfect for this site, something that was the perfect tool for me. In fact, I think I like it better than movabletype. (fine, the thing I love best is that it is really actually opensource. non tech savy people can read that as “free.”) I really like what I see. It’s easy to customize, navigate, and to install. I also like that it doesn’t have too much going on like geeklog. (I also installed this on my server to test it out for a group blog I work on.) Well, in geeklog‘s defense, there’s is a portal, while this is more of a journal/blog publishing orgnization system.

Thank’s to wordpress, I got my drive back for restarting this site. Let’s hope that this system continues to dazzle me with simple “contentment.”

update: 2am. Getting the layout/template up was annoying. I’m just not good with templates. It’s working for the most part… kinda.

I still adore the admin interface of this thing.