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Spicy cranberry sauce with blueberries…

And cornbread dressing!

It came and went, Holly Flax’s last episode on The Office. This article sums it up clearly when they say Holly is really the only one that would have made me feel like Michael Scott when regarding poor Toby. “Go back to Costa Rica!” Amy Ryan did SUCH a good job as Holly Flax, the episodes after she left seem lack luster without her. She does a great job at wielding a character that is seemingly straight-laced and almost fragile, but very explosively quirky on the inside. And she just had great comedic timing with Carrel. Their seemingly off tempo and awkward shenanigans were great.

Most people know that I LOVE Steve Carrel. And I love Michael… I shouldn’t, but I do. I did love Jim before Pam and him got together, but afterwards my feelings just sort of waned. They are cute, sure, and they do tug on the heart strings, but Jim doesn’t seem so funny. And the writer/the actor does a really good job in isolating him and making him appear as if “drowning” in reality these days. I still dig Pam, though. And of course, I am rooting for Dwight (<3) and Angela.

ANYWAY. How is it that in the time of a mere handful of episodes Michael and Holly make us weak in the knees. They both have so much chemistry, it’s crazy. And here I am a professed Jan lover, now rooting for Michael and Holly.

They need to bring her back… perhaps in a love triangle with Jan. I hope they craft something like this: Michael after much debate goes back to Jan and tries to make an unhappy household with her and the baby. Then, I hope Holly goes back for Michael and awkwardness ensues. And although it should be an easy choice, Michael would be soft about the baby that he has invested in… and voila! Perhaps this is too cliche. I want to see Holly onscreen with Michael again.

In the past, Michael’s girlfriends (other than Jan) were just that, his girlfriends on the show. They were vehicles to show how unfit Michael was for normal interaction. Then with Jan, they showed their unlikely match and her deterioration, which of course endeared her to me. I especially liked the episode when Michael “runs away” from his debts and they share a sweet moment. However, with Holly it was different. Maybe it was her storyline with Kevin. She was this shining beacon of warmth within this fairly unmotivated bleak bunch.

I have yet to see the depressing BBC version, mainly because no one wants to see it with me… Still, the ending of the last season of office was so depressing and heartbreaking at moments. Some characters seem to keep running into dead ends, such as Jim and Pam, along with Dwight that Holly was the only hopeful character on the season finale. …Which was probably how this investment in Holly Flax started. She was our comfort in a world where Jim and Pam seemed unable to take the next step and Andy’s desperate attempts to plan his life according to some golden fraturnity rule. Really, if that proposal didn’t make you somewhat pained for Andy… you are heartless. And then that rush of excitement on how that episode ended.

I feel like this departure was just so unceremonious and depressing. The last two episodes without Holly were … just … lackluster. They need to fill the gaps with at least some more Jim and Dwight hijinks or something.

I fell in love with this little charm. There are tons of beautiful pieces over at Bittersweets My favorite is this charm, the heart and dagger, and lily ring. And actually, the maggot charm or necklace is pretty innovative and kind of cute. It’s right up my alley.

I want this necklace so much! Hrm. I think it would be a sweet gift to give a crush. *hint* You know, wear a preserved heart in place of a little valentine token. Ok, perhaps my futile attempts to get people to have pity for me is a little pathetic. My poor bleeding heart doesn’t need anymore attention… or maybe I should say my poor died pickled heart cast in silver. : P

And the even cooler thing is that Bittersweets gives classes in the basement of their boutique on wax and metal casting. If I had the resources to buy materials, i would TOTALLY take advantage of this.

Look at that! Totally hot! My heart still remains with the likewise organ, but I dare say that stacking up those maggots might be the cutest idea yet!

Anyway, I think the class is a great gift idea. You get to come out of it with something unique that you made yourself. Maybe it’s because I’ve been feeling particularly stir crazy and crafty. I think this is something anybody can appreciate, even if you tend to not like stringing bodily organs around your neck, via fashion by the goddess Kali. Bones? Skulls? Anyone? might be up and down for a little bit while we go through server changes. I will be leaving to switch over to dreamhost.

I am switching registrars for this domain (I have been bad and lazy), switching servers, revamping, and starting some new projects.

In the meanwhile please visit: feeding umi.

I’ve been trying to keep busy. Some new freelance webprojects, knitting projects, and other productivity.

When I get bored I take things apart. Maybe that isn’t something I should announce lest people project this into other destructive Umi behavior.. I kid.

The warranty ran out three years ago. So, now I have a 40gb hard drive. I use it to jog with, though. It’s interesting listening to some of my old music – like a weird time warp.

I was getting an exclamation mark with a folder before the thing completely shut down with a sad mac. I tried draining the battery and rebooting to no avail. I heard somewhere that jamming it (throwing it off a third store building) actually revs it back into the shape. I decided to just pry off all the connections and reconnecting them.

It’s become a ritual for Sophea to tag along with her brother and his friend Shu (and often Daniel and Kwok) for the guys’ haircuts. Recently she started getting a trim with them. So, this month I decided to join them in the ever growing haircut party. We just sort of take over a corner and loiter until we are all done.

I have a guy that I am usually loyal too. However, this place in Chinatown is 1/2 the price of my usual guy and also comes highly recommended. Being without a job and all, I decided to go make myself look pretty for under the usual cost. I’ve been avoiding getting a haircut since A) I convinced myself that I wanted to grow my hair out, which is probably B) the consequence of me trying to budget.

I think I am a hairstylists’ wet dream. I walked in and told him that I was recommended to go to him. He pinpoints that I am Japanese, confirms my eccentric dress, and delights in my tattoo when he washes and puts my hair in a towel. He asked me whether he wants me to have him take the reins and I agree. He starts getting really excited, telling me that “I AM GOING TO MAKE YOUR HAIR DIFFERENT. All the same haircuts out there are boring! I am going to do something different!” He obviously regarded himself as some sort of artist and proceeded to sculpt my hair some what meticulously (my original hairdresser still has the prize of being the most careful, taking the most time, and being very detail oriented, though).

I like it. It’s fine. I just remember going in telling him that “I was thinking of growing out my hair” and “not too short.” It’s pretty short.

Sophea walked into the salon seeing my right side, which is straight and much shorter. She exclaimed, “THEY’RE TURNING UMI INTO A VULCAN!!!”

I like the haircut and I think my normal hairdresser is sometimes too “safe” for my tastes. However, I like that he is really dedicated and puts a lot of work into my hair, cares about the history of my cuts, and REALLY at least tries to listen to me. I like that he takes into consideration how the hair will look 3 months from now, instead of trying to give me an innovative cut that might not have a long standing power.

About people here calling Bush names, that’s very constructive – for the radical right. It is as if these people have been programmed by Karl Rove. Rove wants to have the liberal critics ridicule Bush because he says “nucular” and “misunderestimate” and talks with a probably fake Texas accent. In fact, my suspicion is he’s probably been trained to make grammatical errors – he didn’t talk like that at Yale – so he’ll be ridiculed by liberals, and then he can say, ‘See, those elite liberals who run the world and are sitting around drinking French wine and eating quiche don’t understand us ordinary guys.’ Regular guys like the guy working on the assembly line and George Bush, who is going back to his ranch to cut brush. That’s all part of the imagery. So if you want to contribute to that imagery and to the success of the ultra-right, then you should make fun of George Bush’s accent and engage in other forms of ridicule. But that rhetoric is destructive and childish. And the same holds true of every else’s rhetoric. (excerpt from Noam Chomsky’s What We Say Goes)

When Hein offered the same excuse some time ago when I was mocking Bush, I had scoffed at the idea of such an elaborate plan. However, with this coming election, watching the debates, and hearing Palin speak of the average Joe six pack (and I don’t think she is referring to abs) and mispronounce nuclear, I am slightly more agreeable to the fact that this ruse exists.

I was watching with the roommate’s friend and she was worried that Biden appeared too “smart” for her aunt watching in the midwest. Of course there are young educated folks, but due to my lack of contacts in other parts of the nation, I was reminded that there are people that are genuinely attracted to this whole “adorable Palin” act.

We had plans today… to meet Tricia at Shake Shack (since she has never been and the last time we tried to go it was CLOSED for a private gig), go to Tribes for Amy‘s gallery opening and ending up at the Bowery Ballroom for my friend Dave’s band. : T But we are sick. Both of us are sick. And the boy probably got it from me, who got it from the Friday epistemologists. I am here trying to get through Wittgenstein’s Mistress to no avail. It tries to pull off some Nabokov thing without much success. I dislike the protagonist and have no investment. I have no idea what is going on. I don’t trust or LIKE her. Eh. I am trying to evaluate whether I should continue it or not.

I picked up the boy’s Noam Chomsky and it gave me what I needed… a nice straight forward narrative with a clear message. The US is undemocratic as they come and it’s an outlaw state. Got it.