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I’m in the library right now and this loud alarm went off with blue flashing lights and everything! The people in the room with me (the wifi room) are looking around like “uh…” In my school, false alarms happen so often (the last one was last wednesday at around my 1 o clock class) that everyone ignores it now. Still, this was the first time it was accompanied with blue lights. That was a bit weird.

Anyways. I wonder what will happen when there is a real emergency. (hopefully an announcement) Yeah. This isn’t good.

For the past few posts, I’ve started writing with “Today is..” I’m sorry for the redundancy. I’m really loving the coolness of the air. I adore colder seasons because I love wearing clothes, scarves, accessories, and coats. I really do. I also hate the wet humid hot season. I much prefer things cold and dry. I mean, if you’re hot, you can take everything off and still be hot. And even if the prospect of running around naked is nice, you can just put on a beautiful warm soft cashmere coat to be all warm and toasty during the winter. It’s just pretty and much more comfortable and tolerable. It’s more practical, actually.
So I embrace this weather. Hopefully it just continues like this before getting real real cold. I want some time outside with my lighter jackets before I get out the heavy duty ones.
Beautiful beautiful cool weather…

Today is beautifully chilly. This means I can wear my new trench / multicolored raw silk scarf (that i acquired in a street festival). The only downside to this wonderful chilly brisk weather is that it makes you want to stay in bed.

Things that cheer me up and add a little bounce to my step are:
– wearing my silk scarf from banana republic
– dressing up slightly with a black button down dress shirt
– my powerbook
– purple eyeshadow
– my cat
– icecream

So today, I thought I was going to be extremely late. I left the apartment around 45, when I should have left at 40. I knew the train was going to leave just as I got down the flight of stairs. Five minutes make the difference. Of course, I was forced to wait for the next train.
My father called me about email trouble. Why do people bother me in the morning.
I considered not going to class. I didn’t have to. However, i got to school around 11:11 for my 11:10 class, so I decided to walk in. Eh. It was pointless, but I was there.

I have a major case of the “blahs” today.

Today was the perfect weather to go out for a walk in central park in my new cordoroy trenchcoat. It was cool enough that I didn’t break a sweat from briskly walking. However, it proved that it was a bit too chilly to sit down and read on a bench. However, the atmosphere, being shrouded by trees and a street performer in the background playing greesleeves on a fiddle like instrument, was pleasant. I sat for a while on Sheep’s Lawn, typing up my previous blog entry (no wifi connection there) and some other notes to myself. The only thing that would have made it all the more perfect is a cantine of coffee.

Perhaps this is the point of the book, however, I can’t say that I really get Kafka’s The Castle. I mean, other than a book about the unattainable and people and yourself that are utterly unhelpful, stumped, and lost in a maze of convoluted tasks. This can very well just be the point of the book, as a sort of commentary on general life. I suppose. This idea is a bit disappointing and unsatisfactory. The point is, it isn’t a hard read, but the plot is unrecognizable, really, and when you don’t see the point of something, it’s hard to plough forward with the reading. Hence, I’m taking way too long to really read this. Eh. I think I might have to check out sparknotes, or other resources after I finish it. (I would like to give my own brain a chance to process this without any help.)

I accomplished a good amount of work for the beginning of the weekend. (First two essays of “The Genealogy of Morals” by Nietzsche and first quarter of “The Castle” by Kafka) I hope to finish Birth of Tragedy (Nietzsche), some Kant (Moral Philosophy), and a good chunk of the Gay Science (Nietzsche).